Digital Citizen Fund

Digital Citizen Fund is a U.S registered 501 (C3) public charity. All donations are tax deductible. We welcome all gifts, no matter the size.


We create IT Centers, provide digital literacy tools (such as computers, smartphones, tablets) and educational programs for women and children in developing countries. Technology can support human talent to tackle the urgent social needs of women throughout Afghanistan and globally. Providing underserved populations with a pathway to digital literacy, sustainability, and community building can transform the societies in which they live for the better.


What type of gift?



With your generous gift of $20,000, we can build an IT Center with 12 computers, chairs, tables, projectors...etc.


With your generous gift of $8,000 we can cover all expenses of an IT center for one year.


With your generous gift of $500, we can purchase a computer.


Cash donation any amount



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